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The Wellington City Visitor Map Website was designed and is maintained by ABGraphics, Wellington

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Welcome to the Wellington City Visitor Map website.

In our site you can find all sorts of information about the beautiful city of Wellington, the Capital City of New Zealand. You will find information on places to stay, great shopping, various attractions and activities around the city, transport options and some restaurants.

You can find this information in various ways:-

enter into one of our Map Pages and click on the dots or squares for information about a particular place OR

go directly into our Accommodation, Attractions, Restaurants, Shopping, Transport or Visitor Services pages which give you a list of our advertisers and from there you can go to individual pages for further details.

Alan Brown Graphics produces the Wellington City Visitor Map in hard copy each year. This map is available at all New Zealand Visitor Information Centres. If you wish to contact us about advertising in the next edition of the map or to obtain a supply of our maps you can email us at abgraphics@xtra.co.nz or visit us at our website for more information about Alan Brown Graphics.

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